10 October 2011

Designing for Natural Ventilation in Tall Residential Buildings

Kevin Peddie & Antonios Rofail, WINDTECH Consultants Pty Ltd

Natural Ventilation is an important part of achieving energy efficient design in many climate zones. This issue has surfaced recently with the increased awareness in...

10 October 2011

Foundation Design and Pile Testing Program for the 151 Story Incheon Tower in a Reclamation Area

Ahmad Abdelrazaq, Samsung C&T; Harry G. Poulos & Frances Badelow, Coffey Geotechnics; Sung Ho-Kim, Jinyoung ENC Enterprise

The 151 storey super high-rise building is located in an area or reclaimed land constructed over soft marine clay in Songdo, Korea and is currently...

01 November 2010

Can Tall Buildings be Child-Friendly? The Vertical Living Kids Research Project

Carolyn Whitzman, University of Melbourne

With the emergence of new high-rise residential developments occurring in tandem with economic restructuring and changing household demographics. The Vertical Living Kids Research Project is...

01 May 2010

The Vertical Garden City: Towards a New Urban Topology

Chris Abel, University of Sydney

The author reviews recent innovations in high-rise architecture in search of relevant solutions but finds them still limited by conventional urban typologies. The work of...

03 March 2008

Microclimate Study of a City in Hot and Humid Climate

Seifu A. Bekele, Ian Jones and Gokul K. Rajamani, Vipac Engineers & Scientists Ltd.

The study shows that for Dubai and the surrounding area, the recommended street orientation may promote ventilation and increase the pollution dispersion. Shadows, combined with...

03 March 2008

Greening Your Skyscraper: Case Study in Improving the Environmental Performance of an Existing Skyscraper

Lester Partridge & Eoin Loughnane, Bassett Applied Research

This paper outlines the strategies and design processes undertaken for refurbishing a 30 storey building in Sydney’s CBD. The building was originally constructed in 1976...