19 September 2012

Structural Optimization Solutions for Towers on Compact Sites

Mark Hennessy & Doug Wallace, Meinhardt Group

The objectives of this paper are to: highlight the latest design and technical advances and associated challenges in the optimization of slender towers; demonstrate trends...

19 September 2012

“True” Balanced Integrated Design of Blast Enhanced Façade

Marc Zobec, Permasteelisa Pty Ltd; Lori Guido, Permasteelisa S.p.A; Tuan Ngo, University of Melbourne

In recent years, blast enhancement of facades has become an ever increasing requirement in the design of tall buildings. In the event that the blast...

19 September 2012

Factors Influencing Building Energy in Different Climates

Lester Partridge, Eng Shin Gan & Li Wei, AECOM

This paper considers the energy and carbon emission reduction strategies that were used in designing a 49 story low carbon building in a warm temperate...

19 September 2012

Tuned Liquid Dampers for the Economic Design of a Tall Building

Antonios Rofail, Windtech Consultants Pty. Ltd; Marten Eddy & Dean Genner, Taylor Thomson Whitting

Rasuna Tower is an office and hotel development in Jakarta, Indonesia with 63 above-ground stories and four basements and is 280 meters tall. The lateral...

13 January 2012

Burj Khalifa Dubai, UAE

As the world’s tallestbuilding, the Burj Khalifasets the standard for whatarchitecture and designshould be. At 828 meters,the building houses the highest swimming pool, mosque and...

01 November 2011

The Subtropical Residential Tower: Investigating Sustainable Practices in Tall Buildings

Rosemary Kennedy, Centre for Subtropical Design; Shane Thompson, Shane Thompson Architects

This article discusses how outcomes of the charrette take their cue from the city’s subtropical climate and demonstrate how high-density high-rise living can be attractive,...