04 April 2022

Exposed Mass Timber in High-Rise Structures: A Practical Discussion of a Complex Fire Problem

David Barber et al., Arup

High-rise mass timber buildings with structures of cross-laminated timber (CLT) and glued-laminated timber (glulam) are being planned and constructed globally. However, high-rise buildings have strict...

20 September 2021

Is a Zero-Carbon Concrete Skyscraper Possible?

David Law, Aurecon

Tall buildings can provide many positive environmental contributions, concentrating large populations into efficiently operating systems, sharing resources among many users, and reducing transport and land...

19 May 2021

Interconnecting Stairs: The Vertical Axis Of Mobility and Social Interaction

Agustin Chevez, Swinburne University; Kirsti Simpson, Hassell

Increasingly, atria with interconnecting stairs are being promoted to increase collaboration and the transfer of tacit knowledge across organizations. These claims are frequently supported with...

19 May 2021

Systemization of Cities Beyond Industry 4.0

Joyce Ferng, AECOM

There is a real need to rethink production of building components and systems with greater efficiencies, from a resource-use and precision-manufacturing perspective. This paper looks...

23 September 2020

Preparing Adelaide for the Next Crisis

Sandy Verschoor, City of Adelaide

Cities across the world are grappling with multiple crises at once, with the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change affecting virtually every place on earth. In...

01 August 2020

What are the True Fire Risks of Tall Timber?

Ed mund Ang, AECOM

As we continue to build increasingly taller buildings using engineered timber, do we need to rethink how fire safety engineering is considered for such buildings?