Member Since: 2014

Member Offices: Vaughan

Website: http://www.rescon.com

RESCON represents the amalgamation of three distinct bodies (Toronto Residential Construction Labor Bureau, Metropolitan Toronto Apartment Builders Association, and the Durham Residential Construction Labor Bureau).

In addition, RESCON acts as the coordinating agency for the Ontario Residential Contractors Construction Association (ORCCA) which brings all of the major employer bargaining agencies in the residential construction sector under one umbrella in matters related to collective bargaining and labor relations; health and safety; WSIB; training and education.

RESCON is also the administrative agent and founding member of the RCCAO, and continually works in support of the RCCAO in matters relating to transportation and infrastructure issues. As a result, RESCON is able to provide well-informed, research supported advice on matter critical to builders interests.

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Richard Lyall

Richard Lyall

CTBUH Steel-Timber Research Project Steering Committee, 2022 – Present