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Located in New York City, the world's first and foremost vertical metropolis, The Skyscraper Museum celebrates the City's rich architectural heritage and examines the historical forces and individuals that have shaped its successive skylines. Through exhibitions, programs and publications, the Museum explores tall buildings as objects of design, products of technology, sites of construction, investments in real estate, and places of work and residence.

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20 December 2016

CTBUH 2016 China Conference - Plenary 7: Technical & Social Issues Q&A

Thursday October 20, 2016. Hong Kong, China. Vijay Jayachandran of Otis Elevator Company; Carol Willis of The Skyscraper Museum in New York City; Ada Y.S....


17 October 2016

Singularly Slender: Sky Living in New York, Hong Kong, and Elsewhere

This paper highlights a new 21st-century skyscraper typology – the very tall and slender residential tower – and analyzes the economic, engineering, and urbanistic forces...


17 October 2016

Cities to Megacities: Perspectives

The CTBUH 2016 International Conference is being held in the three cities of the Pearl River Delta, the world’s largest “megacity,” projected to have 120...