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Member Since: 2022

Member Offices: San Jose

Website: https://www.hyprlift.com

Hyprlift, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based tech startup intent on solving the problem of unsustainable urban expansion that is impacting climate change and ultimately threatening our planet’s future. Hyprlift’s solution is a next-generation elevator system that will help prevent urban sprawl by reducing the built-environment footprint through sustainable vertical expansion.

Unlike traditional elevators that rely on hoist cables to raise and lower the cab in the shaft, Hyprlift cabs are self-propelled by a proprietary onboard tractive drive system that engages with the shaft and propels cabs without the use of cables. By omitting the cables, Hyprlift allows multiple cabs to travel within the same shaft, enabling greater transport capacity and shorter wait times to be achieved using fewer shafts, i.e. smaller footprint.

In addition to a smaller physical footprint, the Hyprlift system uses a smaller carbon footprint as Hyprlift cabs are designed for low mass thereby requiring far less energy to propel than traditional elevator cabs. Hyprlift cabs optimize energy efficiency further by using dynamic braking during their descent to regenerate energy that is stored and then used to augment the energy needed for their ascent.

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Vertical Transportation Supplier