CTBUH Silver Member

Werner Sobek AG


Member Since: 1990

Member Offices: Berlin, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Dubai, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Istanbul, New York City, Stuttgart, Vienna

Website: https://www.wernersobek.com

Werner Sobek is internationally synonymous with engineering, design, and sustainability. Our company is active across the globe and is home to more than 400 employees. Our staff originates from more than 40 countries and speaks just as many languages. We work on all kinds of structures and materials. We particularly pride ourselves on the sophisticated designs we develop for load-bearing structures, technical building services, and facades. Our aim is to create a built environment that is breathtakingly beautiful while also serving the interests of future generations. We want to make emissions-free structures for more people with less material by producing exceptional designs, innovative structural solutions, and holistic concepts that minimise our impact on the environment.

Werner Sobek collaborates with leading architectural practices such as Henn, Ingenhoven, Jahn, JSWD, Populous, Sauerbruch Hutton, Ole Scheeren, UNStudio, and Zaha Hadid Architects. We support architects, commissioning clients, contractors, and property developers at every stage of the construction process, ranging from the very first conceptual deliberations right through to execution planning and on-site quality assurance. Our interdisciplinary team also develops unique concepts that draw on our core competencies of engineering, design, and sustainability to create optimal, integrated solutions for a wide spectrum of structures, including specialist projects such as trade fair stands, smaller experimental buildings, and lightweight building envelopes and roofs.

Our company was founded in 1992 by Prof. Dr. Dr. E.h. Dr. h.c. Werner Sobek, the firm’s creative mastermind. He brings his considerable expertise to bear in his role as chairman of the organization’s supervisory board. Operational and strategic leadership is provided by the four members of our executive board. Like the vast majority of our management personnel, these executives have all been linked with the company for many years. It is crucial to us that our colleagues feel connected with their firm, so we give key personnel the opportunity to acquire shares in the company themselves. Werner Sobek is proud of being an independent, ‘people-owned’ organisation!

Fields of Expertise

Façade Design / Engineering; Structural Engineering




Architecturally Topped Out

Structurally Topped Out

Under Construction

On Hold



Never Completed


Competition Entry


Proposed Renovation

Under Renovation


Under Demolition

1 ADNOC Headquarters
342 m / 1,122  ft
2 Al Wasl Tower
300.6 m / 986  ft
3 Grand Tower
283 m / 928  ft
4 Four Seasons Hotel
269.7 m / 885  ft
5 Aufzugstestturm
246 m / 807  ft
6 FOUR Frankfurt 1
233 m / 764  ft
7 DC Tower I
220 m / 722  ft
8 Shanghai Financial Exchange Plaza Tower 1
215 m / 705  ft
9 Iset Tower
209 m / 686  ft
10 Southern Bosera Building
208 m / 682  ft


Ministry of Taxes

Award of Excellence: Ministry of Taxes

Best Tall Building, by Height, 100-199 meters 2022

Ctbuh Leaders

Roland Bechmann

Roland Bechmann

CTBUH Regional Hub, Europe Steering Committee, 2023 – Present


Associated companies

1 Doha Convention Center Tower

551 m

1,808 ft

2 Dancing Dragon Tower 1

446 m

1,463 ft

3 Nanjing Olympic Suning Tower

419.8 m

1,377 ft

4 Dancing Dragon Tower 2

378 m

1,240 ft

5 ADNOC Headquarters

342 m

1,122 ft

6 Al Wasl Tower

300.6 m

986 ft

7 Grand Tower

283 m

928 ft

8 Four Seasons Hotel

269.7 m

885 ft

9 Aufzugstestturm

246 m

807 ft

10 FOUR Frankfurt 1

233 m

764 ft

11 Victory Tower 1

229 m

751 ft

12 DC Tower I

220 m

722 ft

13 Shanghai Financial Exchange Plaza Tower 1

215 m

705 ft

14 Iset Tower

209 m

686 ft

15 Southern Bosera Building

208 m

682 ft

16 Japan Post Tower

200.1 m

656 ft

17 Shanghai Financial Exchange Plaza Tower 2

195 m

640 ft

18 Flame Tower 1

181.8 m

596 ft

19 FOUR Frankfurt 2

173 m

568 ft

20 Ministry of Taxes

168.4 m

552 ft

21 Cosmopolitan Twarda 2/4

165.4 m

543 ft

22 Flame Tower 2

164.6 m

540 ft

23 Post Turm

162.5 m

533 ft

24 Flame Tower 3

160.8 m

528 ft

25 Dubai Frame

152.8 m

501 ft

26 Shanghai Financial Exchange Plaza Tower 3

152 m

499 ft

27 One Forty West

145 m

476 ft

28 600 North Fairbanks

139.5 m

458 ft

29 Highlight I

126 m

413 ft

30 FOUR Frankfurt 3

120 m

394 ft

31 Highlight II

113 m

371 ft

32 Mercury Towers

112 m

367 ft

33 GEWA Tower

107 m

351 ft

34 FOUR Frankfurt 4

100 m

328 ft

35 ADAC Headquarters

93 m

305 ft

36 Torre Interbank

88 m

289 ft

37 OSRAM Lighthouse

84.2 m

276 ft

38 SIGN Dusseldorf

75.3 m

247 ft

39 Hegau Tower

67.5 m

221 ft

40 KfW Westarkade

56 m

184 ft

41 KoolKiel Hotel Tower


42 KoolKiel Office Tower


CTBUH Initiatives Involving Werner Sobek AG

CTBUH Berlin Event 2019: Urban Densification

18 September 2019

The latest CTBUH Berlin Event addressed the question of how architects and designers can manage urban densification, while at the same time ensuring high standards of quality.

CTBUH Germany Hosts Symposium on Technical Innovation

22 June 2017

CTBUH Germany held a symposium to discuss the role of technical and technological innovation and its effect on the various disciplines within the construction industry.

What is the Future of Berlin’s Urban Development?

29 March 2017

CTBUH and CallisonRTKL, a design consultancy of Arcadis, organized a debate to discuss the future of development in Berlin and the role of the tall building.

CTBUH Meeting Frankfurt

28 November 2016

A preparatory meeting for the creation of a CTBUH Germany Chapter was held on the 7th floor of the TaunusTurm in Frankfurt, kindly sponsored by Werner Sobek.

Top Company Rankings: The World’s 100 Tallest Buildings

13 October 2016

The Council is pleased to announce the Top Company Rankings for numerous disciplines as derived from the list of projects appearing in 100 of the World’s Tallest Buildings.

Activity at the CTBUH London Conference: Day One

11 June 2013

See the highlights from the first day of the CTBUH 2013 London Conference including the Opening Plenary and Conference Dinner.