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GENx Design & Technology


Member Since: 2020

Member Offices: New York City

Website: https://genxdt.com

GENx Design & Technology, a multinational company with locations in New York, New Jersey, Istanbul, and Ankara, specializes in providing integrated BIM Project Management Services for designers, contractors, and manufacturers. The company offers services such as 3D modeling, clash detection, shop drawings, VDC, Parametric Modeling, and fabrication. With a rich experience spanning 10 different countries, GENx has made significant contributions to major projects in New York and the USA, including:

VDC and BIM Services:
- Pfizer Building, HY, NY: (Sub)
- Spiral Building, HY, NY: (Sub)
- Google Headquarters, NY: (Sub)
- Momofuku Restaurant, Pier 17, NY: (GC)
- Chophouse Restaurant, Pier 17, NY: (GC)

Fabrication and Engineering Services:
- Treehouse Hotel Modular Building, CA: (Manufacturer)
- Charlotte Main Library, NC: (Manufacturer)
- Whole Health Center, AZ: (Manufacturer)

Positioning itself as a service-oriented company, GENx emphasizes outcomes not only as a 'product' but also as a 'process.' The company draws inspiration from successful sectors like aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing, integrating cutting-edge technologies and workflows into the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. This transformative approach aims to redefine design and construction processes.

GENx's advanced BIM experience in High Rise and Large-Scale Projects is complemented by groundbreaking efforts in Generative Design and Automation through CATIA and the 3dExperience Platform, revolutionizing collaboration within construction teams.

Key expertise of GENx includes:
- CAD to BIM transition for Architects
- Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) for Contractors
- BIM Modeling and Project Support
- Parametric Modeling and Automation
- BIM Management for High-Rise Buildings
- Optimization and Fabrication of Complex Facade Systems
- Digital Twin Development
- Mass Timber and Modular Construction

Beyond fieldwork, GENx is dedicated to contributing to academia, aiming to bridge the gap between academia and the industry. The company recognizes the crucial role played by the academic community in the transformation of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) domain.

GENx Design & Technology holds certification as a Women Business Enterprise (WEB) in NJ and NY.

Fields of Expertise



1 Istanbul International Finance Center Ziraat Tower I

219 m / 719 ft

2 Istanbul International Finance Center Ziraat Tower II

194 m / 635 ft

1 Istanbul International Finance Center Ziraat Tower I

219 m / 719 ft

2 Istanbul International Finance Center Ziraat Tower II

194 m / 635 ft

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