CTBUH 2022 Global Walking Tour: Taipei

14 October 2022

Join CTBUH for the 2022 Taipei Global Walking Tour, examining the theme of "Height and Heritage." The tour will begin on Dihua Street, a traditional street next to the Dadaocheng Wharf with many Japanese Colonial era shops and arcades.

CTBUH 2021 Global Walking Tour: Taipei

11 November 2021

Join CTBUH for the 2021 Taipei Global Walking Tour. The tour will look at three transportation hubs that connect the local CBD of three areas - the city hall station of New Taipei City, the old train station of old Taipei and the City Hall / Xinyi CBD transit hub. We will look at how each transit center connects to national / regional transportation and then to the surrounding office buildings and shopping malls. The tour will start at Banqiao Main Station, New Taipei City and finish at Taipei City Hall Bus Station.

CTBUH 2021 International Conference

08–12 November 2021

The CTBUH 2021 International Conference is unlike any other, comprising CTBUH chapter events staged across multiple times zones around the world.

CTBUH 2019 Global Walking Tour: 50 Forward | 50 Back

27 June 2019

The CTBUH Urban Habitat / Urban Design Committee organized its sixth annual Global Walking Tours, which took place in 25 cities around the world.

2019 Global Walking Tour: 50 Forward | 50 Back

27 June–09 August 2019

Join the CTBUH Urban Habitat / Urban Design Committee for the sixth annual Global Walking Tour, following the theme 50 Forward | 50 Back. Join a walk in your city!

2018 Global Walking Tour: Walking on Water Reports

02 August 2018

Join the Urban Habitat / Urban Design Committee for the 2018 Global Walking Tour. This year, tours will explore the role of the Tall Building in waterfronts and other natural settings.