South Korea

01 March 2017

Prediction of Time-dependent Lateral Movement Induced by Differential Shortening in Tall Buildings

Taehun Ha & Sungho Lee, Daewoo E&C; Sangdae Kim, Korea University

High-rise buildings move during construction due to time-dependent material properties of concrete (creep and shrinkage), construction sequences, and structural shapes. The building movements, including vertical...

01 November 2011

South Korea: Past, Present and Future

CTBUH Research

As of the year 2000, there were only 9 buildings 150 meters or taller in all of South Korea. Just twelve years later, there are...

10 October 2004

Characteristic and Evaluation of Floor Impact Sound for High-rise Apartment Buildings

Sang-Gon Cha & Sang-Woo Lee, Kyonggi University; Gab-Chul Jeong, Daewoo Institute of Construction Technology

In this study, the floor impact sound are measured and analyzed for high-rise apartment buildings to investigate the insulation performance of floor impact sound with...