CTBUH Rope-Less, Non-Vertical Elevators Team Holds Second Meeting

23 June 2017

The second meeting of the research team involved in “A Study on the Design Possibilities Enabled by Rope-Less, Non-Vertical Elevators” was held in Rottweil, Germany.

CTBUH Germany Symposium, Including MULTI Elevator Unveiling

22 June 2017

CTBUH Germany, through the support of thyssenkrupp Elevator, invites you to the official unveiling of MULTI, the world’s first ropeless elevator system.

World’s First Rope-Less Elevator Unveiled in Germany

22 June 2017

The official unveiling of the MULTI elevator system, the first linear-motor elevator, was held at the thyssenkrupp Test Tower in Germany.

CTBUH Germany Hosts Symposium on Technical Innovation

22 June 2017

CTBUH Germany held a symposium to discuss the role of technical and technological innovation and its effect on the various disciplines within the construction industry.