16 October 2023

Fantasy on Demand: The Temptation of Text-to-Image AI

Julia Nagele

This paper explores the implications of text-to-image artificial intelligence (T2I AI) on architectural design practice. It begins with an overview of generative artificial design. It...

01 March 2020

The Elevator, the Iron Skeleton Frame, and the Early Skyscrapers: Part 1

Gerald R. Larson, University of Cincinnati

The evolution in the use of the elevator and the iron frame to build ever-taller buildings that would eventually be called “skyscrapers” is still somewhat...

30 January 2020

Tall Building Predictions for 2020

CTBUH Research

The combined brains of the CTBUH editorial and database staff boldly predict what might happen across the global skyscraper industry in 2020. Check out our...

11 October 2019

CTBUH France Chapter Secretary: Ariane Dienstag

Ariane Dienstag, Ariane Dienstag SAS

Ariane Dienstag, founder, Ariane Dienstag SAS, is the CTBUH France Chapter Secretary, based in Paris, where she has played a strong role in increasing participation...

17 October 2016

Megacities: Setting the Scene

Daniel Safarik, Shawn Ursini & Antony Wood; Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

The rise of the megacity presents unprecedented opportunities to understand the human urbanization phenomenon, and to observe the effects of multicore, polycentric cities growing together...

24 August 2015

World’s Highest Observation Decks

CTBUH Research

Perhaps no element of a tall building is more closely related to the pure pleasure of standing high in the sky and taking in the...

01 November 2013

Confronting the Question of Demolition or Renovation

Dario Trabucco & Fava Pablo, Università IUAV di Venezia

Crumbling façades, asbestos, and outdated elevators are often cited as reasons to tear down tall buildings and create new skyscrapers. However, renovating a tall building...

13 June 2013

The History of the European Skyscraper

Nathaniel Hollister, CTBUH

Due to the compact and historic nature of its cities, some unpopular designs, and an unfortunate association with public housing, Europe had historically been slow...

11 June 2013

Debating Tall: Limit Tall Buildings to the Outskirts of Historic Cities?

Phillippe Chaix, EPADESA; Sir Stuart Lipton, Chelsfield Partners

Tall building construction is on the rise in historic European cities. As economic pressures mount to build taller in the central city, we ask, should...

27 April 2012

Debating Tall: Is UNESCO Going Too Far?

Paul Finch, Architectural Review and UK Design Council; Marie-Noel Tournoux & Patricia Alberth, UNESCO World Heritage Centre

Controversy has erupted over development proposals in London and Liverpool in the UK, which UNESCO says will damage views of World Heritage sites. Critics counter...