2016 China Awards Symposium, Ceremony & Dinner

13 May 2016

The inaugural CITAB-CTBUH China Tall Building Awards were held at Shanghai Tower culminating with Bund SOHO winning China Best Tall Building Overall Award.

CITAB-CTBUH Name 2016 China Tall Building Award Recipients

25 February 2016

CITAB and CTBUH are pleased to announce the award recipients for the inaugural CITAB-CTBUH 2016 China Tall Building Awards.

Nanjing Regional Tour Report

20–21 September 2014

After getting the high speed train from Shanghai, delegates toured the Suning Gulou Ruicheng project, followed by a trip to the rooftop of one of its 250-meter office buildings.

Megacolumns Research – Update and First Deliverable

10 September 2014

Progress is being made on the Composite Megacolumns research project, with a case study and laboratories selected for the destructive tests

The Tallest 15 Cities in China

27 September 2012

With over 1.3 billion citizens and a rapidly urbanizing population, China is developing tall buildings more than any other country globally.

Nanjing Regional Tour Report: Redeveloping the "Southern Capital"

22–23 September 2012

Nanjing, the venerable “Southern capital,” is in the midst of the type of redevelopment surge impacting many Chinese cities.