United States

01 February 2024

Interactive Study: Sea-level Rise Susceptibility, Miami


With sea levels on the rise, prevailing thought suggests such investment should not occur in South Florida. However, the City of Miami could very well...

28 October 2022

Solar Glazing for Tall Mixed-Use Buildings: Prospects for Policy and Performance

Jan Whittington, Feiyang Sun, Sofia Dermisi & Qing Shen, University of Washington

Advancements in photovoltaic systems and associated market trends suggest that vertical installations integrated with building façades will be increasingly competitive for meeting energy demands, while...

30 April 2018

Cyclone-Glazing and Façade Resilience for the Asia-Pacific Region: Market and Code Study

Angela Mejorin, Dario Trabucco, CTBUH; Reisuke Nakada, Malvinder Singh Ruprai & Ingo Stelzer, Trosifol World of Interlayers

This paper summarizes the Stage 1 results of the CTBUH Research Division’s project “Cyclone-Glazing and Facade Resilience for the Asia-Pacific Region.” The project was possible...

17 October 2016

Shifting Urban Gravity, from “Central” To “Core” Business Districts

Tim Balckburn, Swire Properties

In the age of the multi-million inhabitant city, the traditional concept of a single Central Business District (CBD) is becoming increasingly unrealistic. As we are...

17 October 2016

Cyclone Resistant Glazing Solutions

Jennifer Schneider, Trosifol

As urban areas become developed in regions prone to severe weather, the risk of financial and human loss increases. Severe weather such as hurricanes, cyclones,...

17 October 2016

The Roots of Tall Buildings: Connecting the City

Peter Brannan, Arquitectonica

This paper investigates the integration of tall tower, mixed-use developments and how they connect with the city and the public when they meet the ground....

17 October 2016

Shifting Urban Gravity, from “Central to Core” Business Districts

Tim Blackburn, Swire Properties

In the age of the multi-million inhabitant city, the concept of a single, concentrated Central Business District is increasingly becoming unsustainable. As we are seeing...

26 October 2015

Structural Challenges of Twisting Towers

Vincent DeSimone, Luis Ramirez & Abdul Mohammad, DeSimone Consulting Engineers, PLLC

This paper investigates challenges of designing buildings to accommodate challenging twisting architecture. The foremost challenge is to resist the torsion generated due to twisting geometry...

26 October 2015

Challenges of Building Brickell CityCenter : a True Mixed use Mega Project Downtown Miami

Christophe Bilaine, Bouygues Bâtiment

The paper illustrates the true mixed-use sides of this mega project, and what it encompasses in terms of transportation, sustainability, logistics, and all innovation features...

26 October 2015

The Inevitability of Global Adaptation: Eastern and Western Developers Practicing Internationally

Samuel Luckino & Peter Brannan, Arquitectonica

For architecture and engineering firms serving development clients who build large-scale urban projects in various corners of the world, the effort is often facilitated by...