01 October 2020

Timber Rising | Philip Vivian

Designing Tall Mass Timber Office Buildings: 25 King, Brisbane, & 55 Southbank, Melbourne

01 October 2020

Timber Rising | Philip Gardiner

Engineering a 12-Story Mass Timber Building Over an Existing Retail Center: 500 Lonsdale Street in Melbourne, Australia

02 November 2018

The Future of Constructing Tall Buildings

This presentation examined an innovative construction method to deliver tall buildings in a more sustainable and energy efficient manner. Utilizing a flexible, "best for project"...

31 May 2018

Prefabrication and Night Construction Accelerate Delivery

The 133-meter, 44-level La Trobe Tower apartment building has used an innovative new prefabricated construction method in order to become Australia’s tallest prefabricated building. Delivered...

03 November 2017

Outrigger Systems for Tall Buildings

The structural efficiency of tall buildings heavily depends on lateral stiffness and resistance capacity. Among structural systems for tall buildings, outriggers are one of the...

03 November 2017

Design for a 61-Level, Linked, Twin-Tower Structure Built Above Underground Rail Tunnels

The structural design for 308 Exhibition Street produces some unique challenges. The twin towers of 61 and 59 levels, respectively, house a hotel and residential...

03 November 2017

447 Collins St – Linking of Towers via Skybridge

447 Collins Street is a significant mixed-use precinct development comprising commercial office, 5-star hotel, luxury apartments, basement car parking and extensive public realm landscaping in...

02 November 2017

A Sustainable & Adaptable Tall Building in the World’s Most Livable City

Like many cities, Melbourne needs to accommodate a growing population while struggling with issues such as housing affordability and quality. This is a challenge that...

02 November 2017

Melbourne's High-Rise Future

Plan Melbourne foresees Melbourne growing from 4.5 to 8 million by 2050, confirmed by census data showing a 300 people/day increase. This growth obliges a...

02 November 2017

Victoria's 30-Year Infrastructure Strategy

This presentation provided an overview of the State of Victoria's 30-year Infrastructure Strategy, with an emphasis on its implications for people, density and infrastructure. The...