17 October 2016

What’s Next?: How Do We Make Vertical Urban Design?

Winy Mass, MVRDV

It seems sometimes as if the further away from the ground we rise, the more architectonic and less urban our buildings become. Skyscrapers have always...

17 October 2016

A Smart Real-Time Monitoring GNSS System for High-Rise Buildings

Nieves Quesada Olmo & María Jesús Jiménez Martínez, Technical University of Valencia; Mercedes Farjas Abadía, Technical University of Madrid

This paper analyzes and develops a real-time GNSS monitoring system to evaluate the lateral and torsional displacement and wind-induced response of a high-rise building. The...

26 October 2015

Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP): A New Material Used in Façades of Tall Buildings

Jesús M. Cerezo Miguel & Miguel Angel Núñez Díaz, ENvolventes ARquitectonicas - ENAR

Current architecture is changing the traditional concept of buildings meaning it is essential to rethink about the materials that are involved in construction. One of...

16 September 2014

Architectural Comfort in Future Vertical Downtowns

Iñigo Ortiz, Enrique León & Paloma Martín, Ortiz León Arquitectos SLP

The objective of this paper is to alert about how important is environmental comfort, as an architectural concept, in vertical urbanism and its perception by...

13 January 2013

Torre Caja, Madrid, Spain

As the tallest building in Spain, the Torre Caja Madrid is an iconic landmark. Norman Foster Architects designed an archway that rises from the ground,...

01 January 2008

Four Tall Buildings in Madrid – Study of the Wind-Induced Responses

Peter Paul Hoogendoorn & Pamon Alvarez Cabal, INTEMAC

Limiting wind-induced building motion is one of the governing criteria in tall building design. Building motion should be limited, on the one hand, to prevent...

16 October 2005

An Aesthetics of Sustainability

Lawrence S. Ng, Cesar Pelli & Associates

Cesar Pelli recently completed the design of two tall buildings: one in Madrid and one in the United Arab Emirates, both extreme climatic conditions. Both...