High-Rise Buildings in Spain: New or Renew? CTBUH 2024 International Conference Launch Event

20 March 2024

What´s the best path to be sustainable and future-proof? Anticipating our upcoming international conference in London and Paris, join the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) in vibrant Madrid for a pre-conference launch event to explore the emerging trends European cities are facing in these rapidly changing times.

CTBUH 2024 International Conference Launch Event in Spain

20 March 2024

CTBUH Spain recently hosted an invigorating launch event for the upcoming CTBUH 2024 International Conference, "New or Renew: Addressing the Density Dilemma," 23–27 September, in London and Paris. 23.

CTBUH 2023 Global Walking Tour: Madrid

21 September 2023

The urban space between the four tallest buildings in Madrid has been humanized, with people seven days a week and more than 12 hours per day. What are the keys of this success? Join CTBUH Spain for their inaugural walking tour to find out.

CTBUH Spain Presents El Futuro: Addressing Carbon, Climate & Societal Crises

11 November 2021

CTBUH Spain held an online webinar in November 2021 addressing the future of tall buildings in Spain, with presentations on carbon, climate and societal crises.

CTBUH Spain to Host Panel Discussion on Tall Buildings

12 January 2018

The purpose of this panel discussion is to focus on all the challenges relative to tall buildings, such as façade, elevators, systems and innovation in the future.

CTBUH Spain: New Material Opportunities

30 November 2016

CTBUH Spain invites you to attend a panel discussion on “new material opportunities in high rise facades,” focusing on new materials, technologies, and more.