16 September 2014

Green Walls in High-Rise Buildings

CTBUH Research

The latest CTBUH technical guide, Green Walls in High-Rise Buildings, provides a thorough investigation of the methods used around the world for implementation of vertical...

10 October 2011

Urban Competitiveness and Role of Art/Culture in Place Making Discourse on 'Creative City Policy' in Fukuoka City

Mirsad Mustovic, Kyushu University

With the emergence of the ‘New Economy’ and rapid development of ICT technologies, solid recourses gave way to the ostensible concept of ideas and talent...

01 May 2011

Vibration Control of a Tower Complex Connected by Sky Gardens

Akira Nishimura, Takenaka Corporation Kyushu

During an earthquake or strong winds, a natural response is to hold on to something. Through Sky Gardens, the three towers of the Island Tower...