United States

28 October 2022

Solar Glazing for Tall Mixed-Use Buildings: Prospects for Policy and Performance

Jan Whittington, Feiyang Sun, Sofia Dermisi & Qing Shen, University of Washington

Advancements in photovoltaic systems and associated market trends suggest that vertical installations integrated with building façades will be increasingly competitive for meeting energy demands, while...

22 August 2022

The World’s Highest Pools: A Deep Dive

S. Isaac Work & Shawn Ursini, Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

Tall building design has diversified and adapted to accommodate increased demand for distinctive amenities at a range of heights. Swimming pools are a classic feature...

15 August 2022

Measuring the Economic Premium for Height

Grant Mosey & Brian Deal, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

In this study, the authors examine the sale and rent prices for units in the 10 tallest for-sale and for-rent residential buildings in Chicago. Statistical...

15 December 2021

Move or Build a New Inland Megacity?

John Englander, Institute of Marine Sciences–UC Santa Cruz & Joe Berridge, Urban Strategies

As the reality of climate change has become more evident through more frequent and extreme storm events, coastal flooding has increased. A substantial number of...

17 September 2021

Emissions-Reduction Strategies

The construction sector accounts for 39 percent of all global emissions, but to avoid catastrophic climate-related disasters, these emissions must be reduced significantly, with many...

23 September 2020

The Post-Crisis Tall Building

CTBUH Research

This data study proposes a “generic” 200-meter office building, located in Chicago, displaying several key modifications that could take place if certain indicative public-health restrictions...

09 April 2020

Chicago Building Code Modernization: Energy Performance and Sustainability Implications

Oliver Baumann & Ajit V. Naik, Baumann Consulting

This paper reviews the changes between the Chicago Building Code (CBC) and International Building Code (IBC)'s updated and previous versions to assist project teams in...

09 April 2020

Chicago Building Code Modernization: Comparison of Prototype Building Designs

John Viise & Matthew Cummins & Alberto Guarise & Daniel Koch, DeSimone Consulting Engineers

This paper develops three prototype buildings that would be subject to the new structural standards, all of which can use prescriptive code provisions for reference....

09 April 2020

Chicago Building Code Modernization: Implications for High-Rise Safety

Erik Harris, Goettsch Partners

This paper studies the ways in which the CBC will affect some basic elements of the schematic floor plan and design for a high-rise office...

09 April 2020

Chicago Building Code Modernization: Implications for Tenant Remodels in High-Rise Buildings

Lori Chandler, Epstein

This paper intends to analyze the application of the new Chicago Building Code (CBC) to a typical tenant remodel of a business occupancy in a...