17 July 2014

New Chapter of Earthquake Resistance

Broad Sustainable Buildings 30-story test building withstands a 9-magnitude earthquake test.

16 July 2014

New Ark Hotel

Time lapse of the New Ark Hotel being constructed in 6 days.

03 July 2014

History Rewritten (T30 Hotel)

Time lapse of T30 Hotel being constructed in just 15 days.

07 November 2013

Tall Building Innovation Award: BSB Prefabricated Construction Method

Never before has an entire prefabricated building system been developed to this degree. The BSB Method is a clear and innovative way of fundamentally rethinking...

07 November 2013

Interview: BSB Prefabricated Construction Method

Shuguang Wang discusses the Broad Sustainable Building Prefabricated Construction Method, a Tall Building Innovation Award Co-Winner. He talks about the innovative new pre-fabrication technology and...

12 June 2013

Sky City: World's Next Tallest

The China Broad Group captured the imagination of the entire world with the time lapse video of their 30-story pre-fabricated tower being erected in just...

12 June 2013

Interview: Sky City

Zhang Yue of China Broad Group is interviewed by Jeff Herzer during the 2013 CTBUH London Conference at The Brewery, London. Zhang talks about Sky...

21 September 2012

Interview: Prefabrication in the Tall Building Industry

Andy Davids of Hyder Consulting is interviewed by Jeff Herzer during the 2012 CTBUH Shanghai Congress at the Jin Mao, Shanghai. Andy discusses the 838-meter...