CTBUH Nonprofit/Governmental Member

Qingdao Technological University


Member Since: 2017

Member Offices: Qingdao

Website: http://www.qtech.edu.cn

Qingdao University of Technology, once known as Qingdao Technological University, is a university in Qingdao, Shandong, China. It offers programs in civil, mechanical, and environmental engineering.

Tracing its history back to Lixian Seminary founded in 1900, Qingdao Technical University now teaches over 18,000 students in over 18 different schools of academia.

The School of Architecture is the largest in Shandong Province, and contains four departments of specialized study: Architecture, Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, and Resource Management.

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CTBUH Initiatives Involving Qingdao Technological University

2017 International Design Workshop: Evolving DiverCity

16 October 2017

The School of Architecture at Qingdao University of Technology and CTBUH China co-organized a symposium entitled “Evolving DiverCity - Towards Shared Vertical Urbanism."